Monday, 21 February 2011

Barcelona 18 February 2011

Awoke early to be able to watch, from our beds, the boat docking in Barcelona. Blue skies and sun shining it looked perfect.

After breakfast we mad our way to the terminus which was exactly like an airport. Carousels and everything.

found the local bus to take us to town for 3 euros each and then gently strolled up los rambles

and were immediately aware of the cosmopolitan feel of the place. Everyone but us cruisers had hats. scarfs and gloves on but we were fine with just a cardi. Well, we were until the sun disappeared.

We went in the market – what a fabulous place; full of colour AND BUSTLING WITH EXCITEMENT IT WAS A  sight to behold. The different fruits, vegetables, sweets etc. were fantastic and the meat counter quite off putting with little dead piggies all in a row.

The temperature dropped like a stone from 22c to about 10c ( that’s what it felt like so we headed for a coffee at the top od the street. There are many open top tourist buses everywhere so we decided to board one which cost 23euros each. Crowded upstairs ( and freezing no doubt) we went inside and after plugging in our earphones we toured part of the city for nearly two hours.

Saw many Gaudi buildings, stunning stuff and beautiful wrought iron balconies along side ultra modern all glass structures. A massive city with over 3 million inhabitants we were told.

We were on the wrong route for the famous Church but we did see it in1965 whilst on honeymoon.

We hopped off the bus near one of the many beaches and found countless restaurants serving anything and everything. We just has a pizza and a jug of very strong Sangria followed by coffee. Tried to over charge us but even after so much Sangria I spotted it. No tip was left. On the each there were several volley ball courts setup with muscly young men hurling themselves on the sand. Mike dragged me away after 10 minutes!

Back on the bus for a bit to the nearest stop to the  Columbus statue and then a “little” walk to get the bus back to the boat.

We were not hungry so gave dinner a miss but had a snack later in the Windjammer before heading for the theatre to find a seat. No idea who or what was on but the shows are mostly very good. It turned out to be an American Soul / Motown singer. OKish  but not really our taste although most seemed to like it.

Then to bed to watch a movie and have a nice cup of tea.

Sunday 19 February 2011

A sea day today as we travel east towards Italy. Mike brought me my usual breakfast and then we went for a walk around the ship and along the Royal Parade checking out the shops. Bought some vodka and some sticking books for Phoebe. There is loads to do on here from games to dancing to art – various exercise programmes such as Pilates and yoga – what did we do ? Watched a movie in our room and then had lunch in the dining room. Superb salad with chicken or salmon or anything else you fancy followed by very tempting sweets. I loved the almond tart so much that I took a bit for later.

I know it’s only yesterday but I cannot remember what we did in the afternoon.

Dinner was formal – I wore my black skirt. cream blouse and purple silk jacket.

Food was brilliant and I used my 2 for 1 voucher fro my wine.

The show was a comedian so we went up to our favourite lounge, had a vodka and tonic, Mike had a Boddies and we chatted for a while with a very boring couple. Then to bed to read. Another exhausting day.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a marvelous vacation. I have never been to Spain and hope to one day. I will be looking forward to other posts of your travels. I don't think I need to wish you to a great time because I can see you're having one, but I will anyhow. Continue to have a great time :)


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