Saturday, 21 May 2011

Goodbye Passat, goodbye



As any of you who know Mike his passion has always been cars. The above car was sitting outside the showroom when we took our car in for service last year. It looked impressive, long low and sleek and I saw Mike’s eyes light up. Give it a test drive I said – BIG mistake, he loved it.

To cut a very long story he bought it but, when we went to pick it up the body work was badly pitted and, after a long conversation it turned out the the car had been a lease car and had been hammered. We refused it and, to the dealers credit, they found us another which was the identical model, less mileage and in excellent condition. Phew, another stressful situation sorted.

BUT, i was frightened of it. Although Mike said it was THAT big, whatever THAT means, it felt huge and I was fearful of the fact that it did not have a handbrake.Why? was it omitted? No, some new fangled idea which manufacturers are using these days, I suppose one less component to be fitted and cheaper to link it to the on-board computer which would automatically engage the brake when needed. Yea, right.

For this driver it was a step too far plus, the roof is so low I hit my head every time I get in it; the sports seats fit far too snugly around my ample hips and I have great difficulty getting out of the damned thing.

I got to hate it and just did not want to drive it. Consequently, I became a passenger and Mike had to drive me every time I wanted to go out. Now, some people might think a chauffeur is a desirable acquisition and if he looked like George Clooney I could have put up with it but I felt as if I had lost my independence. It all came to a head last weekend when Mike was ill and I was stuck ; not normally something I mind as I am a home  bird but it upset me.

We discussed buying an old runabout but to insure me was going to cost mega bucks as it was years since I last had a car of my own so, we eventually decided to perhaps part with the Passat for something more manageable.((((((((((((((yippee)))))))))))))))))))

Today we pick up our newish Golf which I did test drive and felt totally at home and all that remains is for Mike to spend the next few hours sorting out the insurance.

Lets see how many cars we have had?

The photos below I have taken off the web – amazing what you can find!

Vauxhall Victor silver and maroon

Buy Classic cars with classic and vintage cars. Vauxhall Victor F deluxe. Grey and maroon, excellent condition inside and out. Good runner.

Triumph Vitesse


Mini Cooper

mini cooper classic


Humber Sceptre

Ford Anglia

Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe

Vauxhall Viva

1975 Vauxhall Viva Deluxe [HC]

Mazda 323 ( my first car)

Volvo 343 ( my 2nd car) was like driving a tank – no PAS.

Volvo - 343 GL

Volvo Estate 747

Volvo Estate V70

Ford Fiesta (  my third car) This one flew – honest.

Toyota Yaris ( my Fourth car) Loved it

His & Hers

With Mike’s BMW Estate 323

Volvo V70 TDI

Volvo V70

VW Passat Estate This was the last Estate as Sam died July 2007

Volkswagen Passat Estate (05-11)

VW Golf

12. VW Passat CC as above

And Finally …………………….

VW Golf Match. Just love it! Drove to Newton Abbot and back the other day and apart from me nearly killing Mike( Can you believe this? Before we had got to the ring road he said “CHANGE DOWN”. I kid you not, had there been no one behind me I would have got out there there and then. GRRRR!

Cick here to view larger image 1 of this VW Golf

I know I have missed some – a red car, make unknown and a blue ford estate for two  but that’s all for now let’s hope it is a very long time before I report that we have changed our car – again.

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  1. You've had a very nice series of cars. Glad you ended up with one you are comfortable in and enjoy driving. That is so important. You mentioning popping into Newton Abbot, I used to enjoy doing that.


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