Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Trip To The Eden Project

We set off at 9.30 heading West towards Cornwall and there was not a lot of traffic and we made good time.
Switched Tom Tom on when we had gone over the Tamar Bridge and were amazed at the number of speed cameras – He kept beeping as if he had hiccups.  Tom Tom was also a  little confused at times as there is a new road not on the system and “the voice kept repeating - “turn around when convenient” or words to that effect.Despite the confusion we arrived just after 11 and were directed to a parking place  and were picked up in a bendy bus and driven to the entrance.

It was only 600 yards to walk but that was 550 yards further than I was prepared to walk with my poorly foot. Thoughtfully, the area between the bus stop and the entrance is a covered walkway in case of rain.

Driftwood sculpture of a horse by Heather Jansch, from the main entrance

I had booked the tickets online the night before but had booked for Sunday 29th by mistake. Don’t ask! I therefore had to find someone to change them and  actually it was very easy. The supervisor refunded the money to the credit card but we did have to pay full price on entry. Only another £5 for the three of us so no big deal. As we gift aided the entrance fee we were all given a years free  membership and can go as many times as we want.
Three of us?? Yes, well, Toby slept over on Sunday night and as all his exams etc. are over we decided to take him with us. Naughty I know but ………………….
We walked out of the entrance and could see far below us several white plastic domes, it looked like something on the moon.
eden 001
We were surrounded by beautiful plants and interesting trees as we made our way down into what was the bottom of an enormous clay pit.
eden 002

I had a frittata in the Eden Bakery, an unusual restaurant with trestle tables, milk  in jugs to help yourself and you pay AFTER you have eaten. Based on honesty there are no bills and I guess some people take advantage but I loved the concept. Trust instead of Distrust. This is a web photo ………………..

Mike & Toby joined a very large queue for a burger and there was the BIGGEST Sauce dispensers I have ever seen - eden 009
The food was not brilliant, although it was wholesome and organic in the bakery it did not appeal to  Mike or Toby and it was expensive .More choice would have been good. We did not see a “ normal “ sandwich or a packet of crisps or any kiddie sweets – I think overall that perhaps ethics have got in the way of catering for everyone.
Then  we went to the Link to verify our tickets ( not sure why) and went into the Rain Forest Dome.
WOW!  The heat and humidity hit you immediately and our glasses steamed up. There were flailing arms everywhere with people taking off their coats. Except Toby who really likes his Animal hoody.
eden 015
combi 1
combi 2

combo 5
Not smelly now!
combi 4
There were loads of bananas growing but I only saw one bunch with a flower
combi 6 banana
combi 7
More photos to come

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