Friday, 27 May 2011


It’s OK Mike knows. I am in love with Alfie Boe who has the most magnificent voice and he’s not bad looking either.

Not only can he REALLY sing; not only is he handsome; not only has he a brilliant sense of humour ………………... he is to appear in the BEST EVER MUSICAL LES MISERABLE  from June 2011 and I have just booked our tickets for 11th August and our hotel. Can’t wait.

Here he is singing Bring him home from Les Mis -

Alfie sings Bring Him Home

AND: THERE’S MORE In loveMatt Lucas of Little Britain fame will also be appearing as the Inn keeper – Thénardier . He performed this in the 25th anniversary concert and was fantastic.

PLUS :  Matt & Alfie are good friends and have a brilliant rapport.

Here they are singing together in Matt’s kitchen -

Alfie & Matt sing He Ain’t Heavy

I don’t know when I last got so excited about anything – has made this old depressive VERY happy.

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  1. That's great Jeanni. I envy you, I have never seen Les Miserable and would love to hear him live. Thanks for the smile on top of another great post.


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