Friday, 23 December 2011


After a good night without too much motion we walked the decks and were surprised how warm it was as the  sun came over the horizon. The Windjammer was not very busy and we had breakfast and coffee and then went for a wander. Ship much the same as usual apart from an enormous Christmas Tree on the Royal Parade with the biggest golden balls I’ve ever seen.



Back to our room a migraine started so I rested whilst Mike went walkabout. Just goes to prove that my migraines come on after stress – when I relax.

By lunch time I felt better and we just had a mixed salad with  french bread but we managed a little slice of carrot cake too. After lunch a siesta for both of us – I wonder why we are so tired???? Now time to get glammed up for the first formal night. Lobster bisque and duck on the menu – yummy!

What to wear?? New black trousers so that I can wear flatties and the pink & black blouse I bought from Matalan for out first cruise. It has definitely shrunk. I wore my silver & black scarf as a stole and managed a little makeup.

The lobster bisque and duck with a blackcurrant sauce did not disappoint and I bought my first bottle of red wine.

There was a nasty accident when a lady nearby missed a step and collapsed in a heap on the floor. An alert was sounded and within seconds people appeared from all directions. They eventually carried her off in a chair followed by a very worried husband.



We had two new table mates a lady from Essex with her 19 year old grand daughter. They were both very nice but the girl struggled to find any food she likes – a fast food junkie I suppose. Eventually she had chicken and chips but she did not enjoy it.

Making our way through the ship after dinner we were engulfed in a celebration party going on with the ships band and singers and free champagne was flowing. i grabbed a glass and asked Mike to too and then it was on to the theatre.  Two black soul singers who were  good if you like that sort of music and the audience was very appreciated. And then to bed.


Arrived to clear blue skies, sunshine but a cool breeze. We had a wander around the port covering more or less the same as last time – it did look better than we remembered it apart from the pavements covered on pile of dog mess.

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 002

This violinist plays his heart out when the ship is in Port. He can be seen on You Tube as the entertainments manager – Joff Eaton is trying to make him famous. Needless to say the woman in red did not see me!












We wandered around the town – not very exciting but there was an amazing Christmas Tableau in the Shopping centre -

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 012

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 015

Very detailed and portraying the Biblical story in an unusual way and appreciated by adults and children.

Back on  board for lunch of turkey and salad and then a rest on a sunbed for a while. We have been invited to a reception for returning guests tonight – wonder what that will be like? I will let you know later.

Another long afternoon nap – I can’t believe it – I’m so tired. The Reception was a champagne buffet for members only and there was no shortage of drink! We did not over indulge. The canap√©s were too pretty to eat but we managed a few. Then on to dinner – I had something with aubergines by mistake SO THAT WAS ONE COURSE LESS IN MY TUMMY. They WOULD HAVE BROUGHT ME SOMETHING ELSE BUT I DECLINED. Main COURSE – LAMB SHANK – FELL OFF THE BONE FOLLOWED BY A RASPBERRY MOUSSE.

The lady who fell yesterday was back in the dining room with her arm strapped up so not badly hurt.

I opened my second bottle of red and, on top of the champagne, I was useless. I toddled off to bed whilst Mike watched the theatre show. Here endeth another fun filled day.


chritmascruise vigo lisbon 019

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 023

Awoke to blue cloudless skies and toddled off on the shuttle bus in to town. Some very nice shops and very reasonable too – the prices are very cheap compared with ours and Spain. Had a coffee and the traditional Pastel de Nata ( custard in flaky pastry  ) Delicious. It was quite hot sat in the sun people watching and it was difficult to feel Christmassy. Not a lot of decorations around , perhaps a bit too early. .

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 028

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 034

The bridge over the river is a copy of the Golden Gate bridge and is very impressive. Towers over everything – except the ship. It looks as though she will not be able to go under it when we set sail tonight – I wonder


chritmascruise vigo lisbon 050

chritmascruise vigo lisbon 042



Back on board we had lunch in the Windjammer and then, as I am  suffering from a pain in my heel I went in the hot tub and boy was it hot? It took my breath away. The jets are very strong and the whole thing is suspended out over the sea – awesome.

We had a drink in the Schooner bar before dinner which was casual tonight and I had melon & ham for starter and cock au vin for main. T’was very tasty.  Our companions are becoming more chatty. There is John who Mike has discovered was in the services and Will, with long flowing grey locks who comes from near Glasgow. don’t much about him – he leaves the table as soon as he is finished.

Then we have Evie and her grand daughter Eda – a Turkish name taken from Evie’s husband who died this year.  They come from Romford and know Morney road where Mike was brought up.A new recruit was Erica, on her own and befriended by Evie. She was widowed quite young and her son aged 21 lives in Australia. She was a lecturer At Exeter Uni in Psychiatry and Psychology but is not computer literate ! She also lived for a while in Teignmouth.

There was a hypnotist in the Theatre – we have seen him before and he is very good but does not embarrass the volunteers on stage.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your day to day travel journey JJ. Sounds like a wonderful time. I'm not on my computer much until after the holidays, but I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!

  2. Hi dear ones - so happy to know the move went well. Know you will love being in Teignmouth - sent your address to Sue & Johan. Happy that you are now sailing the seas again - will be a different Christmas I'm sure. Loved our card, many thanks - I haven't had time to send any this year, bad I know, but that's how it is when traveling so much!

    I've been home a week and still not done any Xmas decorating either - just getting the house cleaned was enough energy to use. Bob was in Chicago all week and we are planning to leave on Boxing Day for a few days in Virginia - Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown area as we have to use up some Marriott free nights before end of year.

    Hope the cruise continues to be fun - I like reading about it. We'll be on the QE in March so I need some tips on clothing from you - never done a big cruise ship. It will be very hot for our shore excursions - and I need to know what to take for formal nights - apparently Cunard is very particular about the dress code!!

    Love and hugs for Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
    Love you both - Mary


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