Monday, 26 December 2011


In Tenerife today – Santa Cruz. My leg too painful to walk today so Mike went into town and I had a back massage, head massage and a facial. Simply wonderful. Mike brought me back a Chrissie present – a pair of blue slippers. He also brought me back some wrapping paper and sellotape to wrap up the little table presents  have bought for our friends on our table.

Whoops – too busy to finish writing up day 8 & I have forgotten already what we did apart from sharing lunch with 4 other couples who were also on here in February when we were.



Santa passed us by last night ( as usual) and also forgot Phoebe apparently. When I rang and spoke to her asking what she had she said – nothing actually! Precocious or what.

We watched a movie in the theatre in the morning – Scrooged and after lunch there was a Big Band concert – absolutely brilliant. The 9 musicians who form the band are all exceptional. Then it was time for the grudge match between the entertainment director ‘s team and the Captains team. A  funny game of charades proving the Captain has a great sense of humour although he looks rather formidable.

Dinner was a grand affair with champagne flowing and a large choice of dishes including the traditional turkey & Christmas pudding.

After dinner a Variety show which was again of a really high standard and then, for us, bed. I could hardly keep my eyes open. One day I will manage to stay up past 11.



I slept until after nine and too tired and lazy to go for breakfast – Mike had already been and had his. I have put the DND card in the door and Sense & Sensibility

had just started. My ideal start to a “ tired day”. We have an ‘exclusive lunch invitation today at 12 for members so We will go to that – more champagne – what a bore!

Hopefully I will  catch up with this later but there is a lot going on today.


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