Thursday, 9 February 2012

NEW HOME FOR US AND ...................

For the birds!

Having had so many birds in our last garden because we bordered Occombe Woods we knew we would miss them after moving to Teignmouth.
I hung out the feeders in the Magnolia tree

And filled up the bird house

and we soon realised that we had two pairs of blackbirds, a pair of ringed doves, blue tits , a blackcap and the odd sparrow or two.
So, I dragged Mike to the garden centre and bought some nesting boxes -

Mike did say he would make some which he could do easily but I need them before the 14th, Feb – Valentines Day when it is said that birds get hitched.

Here is one for Robins with an open front -

And one for blue tits or similar sized birds.

Now we wait to see if they are attractive enough to persuade the parents to move in and start a family.
Whoops - I must go and defrost the bird bath – temperatures below freezing again last night and water is as important as food.

A casualty of this freezing weather is my money plant. Left outside by the removal men I only discovered it yesterday.

Doesn’t look too good does it?
I hope I can nurse it back to health – very bad luck if you lose a money plant and I’ve had this for many many years – before I left work I think.
All done, now I ought to turn my attention to feeding the humans! What’s for lunch I hear Mike cry? Umm, homemade vegetable soup should fit the bill. Byee

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  1. I've never heard that birds get hitched on Feb. 14 - love it!!
    We have tons of birds, everything from teeny chickadees who nest often in some tiny boxes on the back fence, to a really big red-tailed hawk who nests on the roof of the nearby hi-rise apt. building for the elderly - they have nested there for many, many years apparently.

    Hope you can bring the money plant back - you'll need it's financial help for all those upcoming trips! Hey, perhaps we can meet you in another country some day, that would be fun!

    Stay warm dear.
    Love, Mary


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