Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Home – New Me?

Don’t hold your breath. I was hoping that the move to Teignmouth would give us a new lease of life; we had become very complacent and every day was very predictable. We were in a rut – nothing wrong with that if you are happy in it but we both felt that there must be more to life than the every day routine that we were in.

We were certainly kept very busy with the move that’s for sure but, returning from our cruise after Christmas the momentum had slowed. Much needed doing but mostly by the professionals , the new steps, new fence, moving radiators etc. but  Mike will be kept busy finishing off these projects. He is sorted.

What about me? Well, I had a wake up call when I went for a check at the doctors and somehow found the courage to get on the scales. BLOODY HELL! NO! IT CAN’T BE! …………….. Sadly it is. Back to the weight I was over 3 years ago. If I don’t do something now then I will continue to get fatter. Not a great prospect especially with my breathing problems.

What to do JJ? I asked myself. You have lost weight before – you CAN do it again.

First thing is I have re-joined my weight watching / calorie counting programme online. Paid for 6 months – that IS a commitment.



All my old information is available and I feel very comfortable with it. Out came my scales from the bottom drawer and a pen and paper strategically placed nearby.

What can I cut down on ? Sadly -  red wine. I really love my glass of wine with my dinner – the trouble is one glass becomes two and I was “enjoying “ half a bottle most nights. Not only bad for my weight but also for my liver.

Secondly – butter. Although we buy Lurpak Spreadable Lighter it still has masses of calories. Bread is the other half of this fattening equation so, if I cut out bread then I will reduce the butter consumption. O.K.

Thirdly and the  most difficult – EXERCISE! That word is a total anathema to me – the only exercise I enjoy is my fingers dancing over my keyboard.  Far too old and unfit to join a gym or a keep fit class – what could be done?

Get a pedometer – perhaps that just might motivate me to actually go out and get some (free) fresh air? I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday. The information from it can be uploaded to my computer and I suppose all sorts of statistics etc. will be shown. Took me ages to get it working ( I think I have) and it is now constantly in my pocket.


I was stunned how many paces you take just around the house but the average of 2500 per day seems almost impossible for me – sitting or laying as I do on my laptop most days.

Anyway, today the weather was good, considerably warmer, no wind and no snow so, off we went for a walk. We drove down to the Sea front and walked the sea wall from Teignmouth to as far as you can below Holcombe at Hole Head. I forgot my camera but I did make sure my pedometer was in my pocket.

The weather was kind, glimpses of sun from time to time and very little wind apart from when a train, heading towards Teignmouth created a strong blast of air as it passed. Confronted by a steep walk up to the main road or turning round – we turned round and headed back. My hips and lower back were beginning to ache but that added to my sense of achievement.

We got back to the car in about an hour and I guess the distance was roughly a mile and a half. Not earth shattering I know but a very long way for me these days.

I thought i would be exhausted but no, I felt fine so after checking on the progress of recovering the capsized fishing boat we went off to Jack’s Patch for a cuppa and a cake. I did say cake – couldn’t resist this wonderful looking pear and chocolate tart and, as Mike said, I deserved it. However, my conscience got the better of me and I passed half of it over to Mike to finish off on top of his slice of coffee cake!

We bought a couple of new bird boxes and some bird food and then home to my chair and my laptop.

Wonder if i will have lost any weight ? Don’t know but I quite enjoyed the walk and the fresh air and provided the weather is kind – I might do it all again tomorrow. Might!


PS I forgot the most important bit – Today I have done……………………………………………………………8587 STEPS!

PPS- I have had one ( large ) glass of Pinot Noir – Heaven. First for a week.


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  1. Oh Jean dear, I hate that you have to go to extremes again to drop some pounds - it's really miserable when one has to give up eating - I mean red wine!!!!!

    Last year I did Atkins to jump start the 10 lbs. I had to lose (and I should work at dropping another 10). It wasn't really difficult, but of course I missed bread even though I could have cheese - somehow cheese without nice crusty baguettes isn't much fun, and cheese and baguettes without red wine is terrible. I do know I felt wonderful and energized on the Atkins plan - and I will do it again when I get back from Hawaii before the QE cruise.......which I'm now dreading. Those bigger ships and so many people, the Norovirus problems, the undersea rocks.............listen to me who just sailed for 14 days to the ends of the earth on a very small ship, 800 miles from land, and wasn't scared one tiny bit!

    Love Jack's Patch - S&J always take us there when we visit Teignmouth. Sounds like Mike will be gaining what you lose if you make him eat your cake.

    Anyway girlfriend, best of luck with the plan - walking is great, it's just making oneself get out there and leave the chores, such as blogging, 'til later.

    Love you, Mary


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