Friday, 17 February 2012

Saved from the sea

The Girl Rhona was towed off the sand bar and taken to safety on the back beach
Badly damaged she was saved by fellow fishermen and today I believe she was re floated.
We had some very cold but dry weather a few days ago and after looking at the saved boat we walked around  the quay and Mike was approached by a guy who recognised him from school. Amazing.

There is a flood prevention scheme going on entailing thr use of some big equipment and a lot of noise. Hopefully it will not spoil the area and it will be returned as far as possible to how it is now

There are some pretty little cottages leading up from the beach
And the Shaldon Ferry was running as usual across the river
Won't be needing the landing stage today

The motley collection of Beach Huts are shut up for the winter. They do not look the most desirable of residences but they do command a very high price.
We continued our walk around the point and, as we did the wind hit us fair & square in the face. Enough, I cried, let's go home for a nice hot cup of tea.

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  1. All that area looks familiar - love Teignmouth and Shaldon probably because I always spent Summer hols. there with Sue.

    Glad to boat was rescued. Hopefully she'll sail again.

    Hawaii is different, especially here on the Big Island with the huge lava fields, rainforest, and gorgeous Pacific right at the door of this amazing house we're staying in.

    Love, Mary


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