Sunday, 25 October 2009


Cannes. Lovely place just oozing money and sophistication. Such as this metallic coloured cruiser.


Not sure if this was a wedding or just some very fancy dress people. Costumes were perfect.


This Traditional stone statue caught my eye of Mum & baby lion


And this metal one of a drowning horse??



Very busy on the seafront with some large conference, loads of fab restaurants to dine in on the beach if you were hungry and if you can afford it.

Would definitely like to go back some day.

Hotel Splendid = very famous.


Another afternoon reading, swimming and lazing in the the huge hot tub suspended 120’ above the waves.

Day 11

At sea. Cloudless sky and smooth sea for our 700 mile trip to Gibraltar.

Lazy day by the pool thinking we should DO something – but didn’t. The activities on here are too numerous to mention but they cater for every taste. The gym is the biggest I have ever seen with umpteen treadmills, cross trainers etc etc. B & L would love it.

After lunch we sort out a quiet bar overlooking the front of the ship and read for a bit.



Then down to the Royal parade to check out the bargains. Lovely Guess bags at very reasonable prices but nothing caught my eye.


After dinner the theatre show was a hypnotist; was OK and most of the audience thought it hilarious so it was just us who were the miseries. The theatre holds 1500 people – it is impossible to comprehend the statistics of this ship -  honestly.

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  1. It looks like you are having the time of your life. The ship is huge and I can't imagine getting around without a map!! Happy Pink Saturday, Char


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