Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Vigo – northern Spain. We decided not to go on an excursion being pretty familiar with Spanish beaches, churches, mountains et al so we just wandered ashore. This was the first time we had seen the whole boat from the shore – here is a part of it – see the tiny people ?




The port is the largest fishing port in the world and had that certain aroma which confirmed it!


Very, very old with broken down buildings and narrow streets leading up, I assume into the town. Too steep and too far for these old codgers we just strolled around and I did what I like best. Taking photos of various unusual buildings.


A very old , attractive iron gateway,

Those that had not started falling down that is.


Tiny beachside properties ripe for conversion!!


Strangely, we came across a beautiful little children’s play area and next door was a well kept garden with several fountains all working!

Back to the ship I was pleased to see good security and it was just like an airport with people scanners and luggage scanners. It was then time for lunch.

This is buffet style and there literally is everything anyone could possibly want. We stick to salad but many have a 3 course meal, with plates overflowing and then go back for more. Yes, there are some very large people on board and lots of wheelchair users. Great holiday for them of course

Dinner was Italian based, we ordered Sauvignon Blanc which was not quite as sweet but roll on tomorrow and a decent glass of red. Hated the starter which had cold roasted veg & I expected it to be hot so that was left. There is something about cold mushrooms that turn my stomach – yuck!

Main was lamb shank delicious and Tiramisu for sweet.


The waiters all paraded around the dining room and then sang O sole Mio to us all. Around 200 I think just for that dining room.Our waiter is the smiling one behind the two in red jackets. He was lovely.

The after dinner show was better with the usual mixture of music and singing and dancing and somehow I stayed awake... Could have been the large number of decibels that did it !!

Again, back to our cabin by the correct route and into bed.

I can have T E A tomorrow yippee.


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