Sunday, 18 October 2009


Sardinia, a beautiful and expensive island with lots of narrow streets climbing the hills upwards & onwards.



026We walked through an expensive shopping area and then descended back down to the port where things were much cheaper although nothing we wanted so we climbed the shuttle bus back to the ship and spent the afternoon by the pool.

As it was our 44th. Anniversary we booked to go to the Italian Restaurant – Portofino. Very posh although not impressed with the menu; Mike ordered Tiger Shrimp on Risotto which he did not really like & I had smoked duck with mushrooms which was ---- COLD! Cold mushrooms resemble slugs and I wasn’t impressed.

We both ordered fillet steak for main course which was fabulous; as Mike likes his steak well done it was butterflied and perfect for him.


Desserts were something else. I had 4 mini puddings and was instructed to eat from right to left otherwise, if I ate the chocolate one first then I could eat no more. i had a spoonful from each – yummy.


Mike had a chocolate dessert and even the “dish” was made from chocolate -


Then the head waiter appeared with a cake and candle and they all sang happy anniversary. Embarrassing but a nice gesture. The sweets were all delicious and we left feeling happy and went on to the Ice show which WAS amazing.


Brilliant skaters, good routines and very professional.

We set sail from Sardinia in good weather but it deteriorated and, after we had gone to bed it was pretty rough and several “bumps in the night”.

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