Monday, 12 October 2009


Woke up at 7.10, unpacked but I was feeling queasy. Decided to go for something to eat and made our way to the restaurant. There was masses to choose from but we just had orange juice, tea and bacon & egg.

Returned to finish unpacking and then booked our trip to Rome and our anniversary dinner in the Italian Restaurant. I walked a kilometre around the deck 019

it was going to be a mile but that is now scheduled for tomorrow. Lunch could have been anything from roast, casserole, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican ,pasta, etc etc but we were good and just had cold meat and salad.


Simon Cowell Eat Your heart out!

They have a sale on teeth whitening, $50 off so I booked an appointment and have to say I’m thrilled with it. It did not hurt and just consisted of the teeth being painted with some substance and then a light was shone on it for 8 minutes at a time. I had it done 4 times in total and despite dribbling like a baby it was not too uncomfortable but I did have difficulty keeping the shield in place as my mouth is too small. Technician’s words – not mine!

Then, after hitting me with the bill guess what she said?

No red wine, tea or coffee for TWO Days; how will I survive? If I had known this first I would not have had it done. May need to take an extra Prozac or two to compensate!

I am just resting on the bed now typing this up prior to getting glammed up for the formal dinner tonight. I will tell you all about that later.


Formal Dinner Number 1 –

I wore my new handkerchief skirt with my purple silk blouse from Tombstone Arizona.

Sketchy boho print hanky hem skirt Mike wore his new (old) suit which he had forgotten he had and only found it when putting a new new one in his wardrobe! He scrubs up well but was surprised to see the majority in DJ’s. There were several in suits and none were wearing Mike’s burnt orange designer one bought in Calpe.

The meal was wonderful, I’m struggling to remember the starter but I had duck for the main course and it was the best I’ve ever tasted. Not greasy but very moist without being the slightest bit pink. I was good and had White wine with my meal – sweetish pinot grigio so it will be different tomorrow.

Then on to the Theatre which is bigger than the Princess in Torquay and watched a group singing Drifter songs and Motown.

Good but not my cup of tea although the audience were standing giving it some welly so guess it’s just me.

The show finished at 10 and I wanted my bed so we got in the lift, went up to deck 9, our deck, turned left into the corridor and walked and walked for miles – honestly. We had forgotten we were in the back of the ship and our cabin is at the front and you can‘t walk all the way through. The high heels came off pretty quickly I can tell you and I eventually fell into bed exhausted.

Have I mentioned the bed? Super king size just like at home with those wonderfully white cotton sheets which are as soft as silk. Mike says I keep going on about it.


  1. Just looked at your blog Jean,Enjoyed it, Love the Clothes and the shoes. You know where you can sent the cast offs ... Take care love from Janice

  2. How wonderful to come here and find you are on a cruise? I have been enjoying catching up. Lovely photos. Look forward to the next installment.

  3. Never mind the (lovely) clothes or shoes, just look at the sheets!


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